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Worker Injured in Barge Failure

A barge worker was injured in an accident when a 900,000-pound cylinder being transported on the barge, fell into the water.

The cylinder was being taken to BPs Cherry Point Refinery. The barge was about 500 yards offshore when the accident occurred. The cylinder measures about 130 feet long and 12 feet wide. As it was being transported, it rolled and plunged off the barge and into the water.

One barge worker was injured in the accident. He was rushed to the hospital, but there is no information about his condition or the extent of his injury.

The cylinder is now currently resting partly on the seabed, with the tip protruding from the water. The cylinder contains nitrogen which is not dangerous. Efforts are now on to bring the cylinder ashore, and move it to the refinery.

The Department of Ecology and the US Coast Guard responded to the accident. With the cylinder, an electrical lift felt the water, but the Department of Ecology does not believe that this will have any environment impact. A small amount of diesel fuel is also believed to have spilled into the water from a generator that tipped during the incident.

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