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Woman Dies in Dive Boat Sinking

On December 18 around 3:15 a commercial diving boat, GET WET, with two crew and six dive customers on board, had finished its first dive at Molasses Reef off Key Largo and was begun powering away to a second dive location when it quickly began taking in water over the stern. The approximately 30-foot vessel submerged, trapping two of the customers underwater.

Captain John Nathaniel swam in to pull them out, finding both unconscious. Amit Rampurkarl of New York is now reported in stable condition, but Aimee Rhoads of Washington state did not respond to CPR and was pronounced dead.

Good Samaritan vessel VISIBILITY called for help and was able to take in the GET WET divers and crew and start CPR until the Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission arrived. Why GET WET sank is, as yet, unknown.

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