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Two Rescued

On Saturday, Sept 8, the Coast Guard, local rescue agencies, and Good Samaritans searched for and rescued two men whose boat sank off Beaver Point, Alaska. The boat is said to be a 28-foot aluminum vessel called KAITLIN RAI. When waves capsized her, the men were able to climb onto the hull, which gave them time to take action before she sank.

Stonie Huffman was able to find a survival suit floating among the debris, and eventually to don it. With some effort, Ryan Hunter Harris was able to get into a fishing tote and kept afloat in that manner. The waves soon separated the men. Mac Huffman spent the night floating in his survival suit before landing on the beach at Point Amelia and attracting rescuers.

The two men had been reported overdue by friends late Friday night; multiple searches ensued as light and weather permitted. During a third search effort on Saturday Huffman was located on the beach by an Alaska State Trooper vessel and airlifted by the Coast Guard to Sitka for medical care. With information on the likely whereabouts of Ryan Harris, a fourth search effort followed. A Good Samaritan fishing vessel crew soon found Harris, who had been floating in the fish tote for over 24 hours by then, further north near Eagle Rock. The Coast Guard airlifted him for medical treatment in Sitka. Both men were reported in stable condition at the time of their rescues.

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