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Two Killed in Boating Incident

A 35 foot boat carrying children with developmental disabilities flipped over in San Diego Bay, killing two people. There were a total of 10 people aboard, including two children, the boat capsize throwing all the passengers into the water.

There were nine passengers on board, including two children aged between 10 and 11, one with special needs. Boaters in the area were able to rescue the passengers in the water, but two people drowned. One, a woman, suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized in a critical condition. Most of the injuries were linked to hypothermia.

The trip was sponsored by the Heart of Sailing Foundation. According to the Heart of Sailing Foundation, the boat operator followed all safety precautions when he left with nine passengers last Sunday. The charity says that the operator of the boat had operated that very same vessel several times in San Diego Bay.

Water conditions were reportedly calm at the time of the accident. Other boaters nearby have also spoken about the safe boating conditions when the boat capsized.

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