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Two Crewmembers Killed

Two crewmembers were killed, and more than 200 passengers had to be evacuated after a fire broke out on a Norwegian cruise vessel last week.

The fire broke out on the MS Nordly, and led to the evacuation of the 207 passengers on board the vessel, as well as 15 crew members. However, two crew members, aged 18 and 57, were killed.  Their bodies were found in the engine room. At least nine other crewmembers suffered injuries, including smoke inhalation and burns. Two persons were seriously injured.  At least two rescue personnel suffered smoke inhalation injuries, and had to receive treatment.

After the fire broke out, the cruise ship tilted after water began flowing into the hull and was in serious danger of capsizing. However, after some time, the ship began to right itself after pumps were used to flush out water.  Representatives for Hurtigruten Shipping Lines, which operates the vessel, have confirmed that the cruise liner has been stabilized and is no longer in any danger of capsizing. An investigation is expected.

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