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Tugboat Hits Submerged Object, Sinks

100 ft tugboat, Kaleen McAllister, sank off Pier 3 in Locust Point, Balitmore on May 4th.
Reportedly everyone had left the tugboat safely by the time it sank.

Apparently the tugboat struck a submerged object, leaving it damaged and taking on water.

The Baltimore Sun reported:

The Coast Guard “got a report that they were taking on water” sometime before midnight, Marin said, referring to the tugboat. Nearby tugs, including the Robert E. McAllister and Dann Marine Towing’s Treasure Coast and Sun Coast, tried to assist the vessel but were unsuccessful, Reagoso said.

Efforts to pump water out of the tug faster than it was coming in failed, Marin said, and it sank at the pier, which is used by McAllister. The vessel began to sink about 7:30 p.m. and was submerged before 10 p.m., Reagoso said.

According to marine records, the tug is 102 feet long and was built in 1970. It had 22,900 gallons of fuel and 710 gallons of oil on board.

There was a report of a “small leak” of diesel fuel and lube oil after the tug sank, Marin said. The site has been “boomed off” to prevent any further spread of the leak, he said. McAllister notified an environmental cleanup firm it has on contract, Miller Environmental Group, Reagoso said.

The incident remains under investigation at this time.

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