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Transocean Refuses Blame

Houston-based Transocean Ltd has issued a final report on the explosion, fire and sinking of the oil drilling platform, the Deepwater Horizon, at the infamous Macondo well site in the Gulf of Mexico, April 2010
Deepwater Horizon was owned by Transocean and leased and operated by British Petroleum, Plc (BP). 11 men lost their lives and environmental damage to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and local economies of the coastal states was vast.

The 854 page report issued by Transocean fourteen months after the disaster spared itself from any blame in the matter – according to Transocean BP was at fault.

Transocean is in denial of any and all responsibility for the loss of life, the loss of the drilling vessel and the subsequent environmental damage in the wake of the largest oil spill in our nation’s history. Although the majority of workers aboard the vessel were Transocean employees at the time of the disaster, according to Transocean it was all BP’s fault.

Shortly after trying to minimize any liability Transocean announced plans to issue $1 billion in dividends to its shareholders and declared in its annual report that 2010 had been “the best year in safety performance in company history. Transocean issued safety bonuses to its top executives.

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