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Three saved from stricken F/V Predator

A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew rescued three crew members from the fishing vessel Predator after it ran hard aground in 25 mile per hour winds and 10-foot seas, and was taking on water through a hull gash close to Akutan Harbor, Alaska, Monday morning.

The helicopter crew hoisted three crew members and safely transported them to Akutan.

Reportedly the Predator ran hard aground resulting in an eight-inch crack in the hull. F/V Predator began taking on water and the crew was unable to keep back the flood of water. A Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter crew was diverted to the scene.

Lt. Scott Verhage, Jayhawk helicopter co-pilot said “The crew of the Predator was well prepared, having all the safety equipment necessary to help us find and rescue them.”

Weather on scene at the time of the rescue was 25 mile per hour winds and 10-foot seas.

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