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Three rescued after striking submerged object

Besides bad weather a 26 foot boat struck on underwater obstruction putting three lives at risk. Two Coast Guard boatcrews rescued the three people aboard the boat that had hit a submerged object and became dead in the water near Sand Island, on the Columbia River, Friday afternoon.

The boaters were reportedly uninjured and the stricken 26-foot boat was towed into the port of Ilwaco and moored safely.

The boatcrews arrived on scene within minutes of receiving the call and began assisting the boaters. A Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment crew, aboard a 29-foot Response Boat Small II, was used to tow the vessel from shallow waters, where it was then passed off to a 47-foot Motor Life Boat crew conducted the tow to Ilwaco.

The sea conditions in the area included 3 to 5-foot choppy swells and wind gusts were 25 to 35 mph from the southeast. At the time of the incident the Columbia River bar was closed to recreational vessels 20 feet in length and below.

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