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Tankerman Sues

A tankerman who suffered serious injuries in a fall accident on a vessel on the Gulf Intercoatal Waterway has filed a lawsuit against his employer.

According to the tankerman, on the day of the accident he was working on the MV Marie Cenac. He had been assigned to work on a paint job on the bilge and went into a confined area. While he was standing in this area, there was a sudden and unexpected movement on the vessel, and the tankerman tripped and fell into the bilge.

He has now filed a lawsuit against his employer, Enterprise Marine. The lawsuit claims that the company did not take proper safety precautions to prevent accidents and failed to provide equipment to workers to prevent falling into the bilge. The lawsuit also accuses Enterprise Marine of negligence in failing to provide a competent crew, failure to properly supervise employees, and failure to provide the worker a safe place to work.

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