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Sinking of FV Randi

Afternoon of December 12, F/V RANDI capsized and sank about three miles off the Coos Bay jetty with three fishermen on board. Two fishermen, Seth Smith and Bruce Potts, survived and were picked up by F/V PATTY AJ. Jim Peterson, who was trapped inside the wheelhouse, is still missing.

According to reports, Smith noticed the boat listing, and as he moved toward the load of crab pots, a swell hit RANDI. The swell caused F/V RANDI to turn on her side and then quickly slide underwater. Smith was able to get free of the tangle of crab pots and lines and swam toward Potts, who he saw trying to inflate the life raft. Potts was wearing his life jacket, but he had become hypothermic. Smith grabbed him and swam for PATTY AJ, which had already sent out a mayday, and picked them up. Potts was airlifted by Coast Guard helicopter and taken to the hospital, and an unsuccessful Coast Guard search for Jim Peterson ensued.

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