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Serious Injury – Infection Risk F/V Alaskan Dream

Coast Guard medevaced an injured 49 year old fisherman with a serious finger injury liable to infection Saturday from F/V Alaskan Dream southwest of Kodiak Island. The Coast Guard duty flight surgeon was concerned at risk for infection for what would on the surface seem to be a non-major injury.

The Coast Guard helicopter crew hoisted the 49-year-old man from the 58-foot fishing vessel Alaskan Dream at about 1:15 p.m. and transported him to Air Station Kodiak and delivered to awaiting local Emergency Medical Services.

The call from the Alaskan Dream was at about 9 a.m., reporting that a crew member had sustained a serious injury to his finger, approximately 170 miles southwest of Kodiak. The Coast Guard duty flight surgeon was concerned at risk for infection in any such injury, and recommended the medevac.

by Tom Evans, Injury at Sea.

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