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Seattle Water Taxi rams sea wall

The West Seattle water taxi rammed the sea wall at the Seattle waterfront Sunday, becoming wedged under the Washington Street Public Boat Landing.

Service was briefly suspended Sunday when the Rachel Marie struck the dock. County officials say Pier 50 was not damaged in the accident because the boat veered south and ran into another small dock.

Seven passengers were taken to hospital, their injuries were not believed to be significant, according to Coast Guard Lt. Jon Lane. None remained hospitalized Monday

Coast Guard inspectors are determining what caused the vessel to crash into the sea wall. Preliminary reports point to a mechanical malfunction, according to King County. The vessel caused “fairly significant” damage, Lane said, and had been wedged under the landing, on the Seattle waterfront. The vessel was traveling at about 6 knots.

Lane said 73 people were onboard the Rachel Marie at the time of the accident, many headed to the Seahawks game.

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