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Seaman Sues Over Work Schedule

A maritime injury lawsuit filed in New Orleans, blames work schedule for a crew member’s injuries. According to the lawsuit, the seaman suffered permanent severe leg injuries when his boot stuck on a board underneath a toolbox. The seaman was working aboard the vessel Poul Deau and has now filed a lawsuit against his employer Couvillion Group.

The lawsuit alleges that the employer failed to maintain a reasonably safe workplace, failed to train and supervise employees, and also failed to have the required number of crew members on board to load supplies off the vessel. The lawsuit alleges that the employer set a harsh work schedule that taxed and fatigued the crew. The Seaman alleges that the vessel was unseaworthy because of these work conditions.

A vessel maybe unsafe or unseaworthy because there are unsafe for physically hazardous work conditions of the vessel and if the employer fails to provide safety equipment, like firefighting equipment and life preserving gear on the vessel.

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