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Seaman Sues for $5 Million

A Galveston County seaman has filed a lawsuit worth $5 million against his employer, claiming that he was wrongfully terminated from services after he received a head injury.

According to the lawsuit, a former employee of Kinder Morgan Incorporated was injured on 24 March when he was working aboard the vessel, M/V Audrey. According to the lawsuit, the worker was tightening a mechanical wrench when a coworker lost control of a heavy teether bar. The bar flew across, and struck the worker in the head. He sustained serious injuries, and lost consciousness. When he regained consciousness about five hours later in a hospital, he could recall nothing of the accident. He also suffered other injuries to his neck and legs.

He had trouble maintaining balance and could not return to his normal work duties. According to the worker, his employer then decided to terminate his contract. He’s now seeking a jury trial and $5 million in damages.

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