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Safety matters. Fishing terminated for safety violations.

Three commercial fishing vessels operating throughout Puget Sound were ordered to return to port Wednesday after Coast Guard boarding teams discovered multiple safety violations.

Following the boardings, the three crews were sent back to port to correct deficiencies and complete a satisfactory dockside safety examination with Coast Guard personnel.

In the first instance, a boarding team reported several safety discrepancies on the 27-foot commercial fishing vessel Wendy Sue, including insufficient fire extinguishers, no documentation and no sound-producing device.

While conducting ship-rider operations with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a boarding team cited a commercial fishing vessel in Semiahmoo Bay for having insufficient fire extinguishers on board and insufficient visual distress signals.

The third termination was ordered after boarding a commercial fishing vessel near Edmonds that reportedly had no personal floatation devices, an insufficient number of fire extinguishers, insufficient visual distress signals and no registration on board.

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