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Roni J sunk, crew saved

Coast Guard were contacted around 10 a.m. by the fisherman requesting assistance and reporting the 29-foot commercial fishing vessel, the Roni J, was flooding and the onboard pumps were unable to keep up with the rising water.

Coast Guard boat crews rescued the fisherman from his vessel, and safely transported him back to shore, before the Roni J sank about two and a half miles west of the Chetco River entrance, Wednesday, in approximately 216 feet.

Two Coast Guard boat crews responded. On scene, a station member boarded the fishing vessel along with a portable dewatering pump. They were able to start the pump, but at one point the water shifted, forcing them to relocate, and they were unable to find a new spot before the water had risen too high. The fisherman reported that the water may have been coming in through the vessel’s shaft seal.

No report of injuries. A light fuel sheen and some debris was reported in the water with a max potential of 60 gallons of fuel aboard. The Coast Guard crews worked to remove as much of the debris as possible.

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