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River Cruise Ship Catches Fire

The Regina Rheni out of Amsterdam saw an emergency evacuation last week as the ship caught fire while on the Rhine River in Germany. The ship filled with smoke around 3:00am and fire engines and crews floated out to aid the evacuation of the ship, which was close to Dusseldorf. The 100 passengers and 32 crewmembers aboard the ship were transported to an emergency center in Dusseldorf.

The cause of the fire, which blazed on until 6:30am apparently began in the ship’s kitchen. A passenger said that the evacuation and notification of emergency was a “brilliant” and organized procedure, despite a little crying and confusion. Another commentator said that if the crew had not acted as efficiently as they did, there would have likely been fatalities from the cruise ship accident. The Regina Rheni is not the only ship to catch fire recently–about a month ago another Rhine cruise on the MS Gerard Schmitter underwent a fire that called for the evacuation of 154 passengers.

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