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Rescued after 80 Hours

A Chinese offshore platform worker, trapped in a twisted steel pipe 18 meters below the sea, has been rescued after spending 80 hours inside the pipe.

The 43-year-old seaman’s ordeal began when he was working at the bottom of the pipe on an offshore platform. The pipe extended 80 meters into the sea, and all was going well, until sudden tidal pressure crushed the pipe. The upper section of the pipe was squeezed to just 3 cm, trapping the man inside the crushed pipe.

Crew members were able to send in food and water through a tube into the pipe. The worker also received psychological counseling as he awaited rescue. It was a complicated and daring rescue mission as workers used a blowtorch to cut out the section of the pipe from the sea. The seaman suffered no serious injuries, but was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

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