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Pura Vida in tow to safety.

Fishing vessel, the 48ft Pura Vida and its three person crew is being towed by a Coast Guard boat crew in 6-8ft swells with an estimated time of arrival to the Columbia River of 6 p.m., Tuesday.

Tuesday morning the commercial fishing vessel Pura Vida reported it was taking on water 66 miles west of Tillamook Head. Coast Guard and Good Samaritan vessel Western Edge delivered a total of three dewatering pumps saving the boat and the crew.

The Coast Guard had issued an urgent marine information broadcast requesting assistance from mariners in the vicinity on behalf of the crew of the Pura Vida, which was answered by multiple commercial fishing vessels and two U.S. Navy warships.

A Good Samaritan vessel on scene, Western Edge, delivered a second pump. A third pump was delivered by the crew of the Coast Guard MLB. The helicopter crew had to return to base shortly after delivering the second pump because of low fuel, but the situation was mostly stabilized and the MLB crew was nearly on scene.

The 52-foot Motor Lifeboat Triumph, also from Station Cape Disappointment, is underway to relieve the 47-foot MLB crew of the tow and will complete the tow into port.

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