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Poseidon, Stingray and Garnett – all Good Samaritans in Rescue.

Three adults and three children were rescued as their 27-foot cabin cruiser was taking on water near Long Island in Sitka Sound, Tuesday evening.

A Sitka Fire Rescue crew, and four good Samaritan crews participated in the rescue. A Coast Guard helicopter delivered deterring pumps.

The children were placed into a life raft with life jackets and were quickly picked up by the crew of the Poseidon, a good Samaritan vessel, and transported to Sitka.

The crew of the Stingray, a good Samaritan vessel, placed the sinking cabin cruiser in tow. The Stingray crew transferred the tow of the cabin cruiser to the Garnett, a good Samaritan vessel, who towed it to Sitka.

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