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Overdue Party located

Station Sitka, Alaska, MH-60 Jayhawk aircrew rescued six boaters who were stranded on Chichagof Island near Sitka, Tuesday.
Sector Juneau watchstanders received a report that the boaters had not returned to Pelican after their day trip to a cabin on Chichagof Island, Monday. Watchstanders requested the launch of a Jayhawk crew to search for the overdue boaters.
The boaters were located in the cabin by the aircrew. After engine problems and inclement weather, the boaters were unable to make the return trip to Pelican. The air crew transported five of the boaters back to Pelican. The boat’s owner chose to remain at the cabin until the weather improves. The aircrew provided the owner with additional food and water before departing.
Weather on scene consisted of 13-foot seas and 28-mph winds.

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