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One Dead Three Rescued

Windy weather with high waves in Elliott Bay, Seattle caused a 30-foot dive survey vessel from Ballard Marine Construction, with five crewmembers on board, to capsize in the waves, throwing all five into the frigid waters.

The Coast Guard answered the call at 2 in the morning with two boat crews. Seattle Fire and Seattle Police Departments also responded to the emergency.

One of the crew was picked up from the water by the Seattle Police Department, and the Coast Guard picked up another three. The fifth man trapped in the cold water under the capsized boat wasn’t located for about an half-hour. Four of the rescued crew were taken for medical treatment, and are said to be in good condition. The crewman who had been trapped under the hull remained unresponsive in spite of CPR and care at Harborview Medical Center, and he died later that day. The name of the man has not yet been released.

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