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Oil Workers Rescued

A group of offshore workers who were kidnapped off an oil rig in the Niger Delta earlier this month, has now been rescued after an operation led by the Nigerian military.

News media are reporting that the crewmembers of the oil-rig Adriatic VI in the Niger Delta, including one Canadian, and several American, French and Indonesian oil workers have now been rescued. Apart from these workers, at least eight other crew members kidnapped from an Exxon Mobile platform last weekend were also freed.

According to the Nigerian military, it was a land, air and marine operation. The operation to rescue the hostages had cooperation from former militant leaders and security forces. According to Nigerian resources, the Armed Forces have already arrested a militant gang leader and many of his followers, who were believed to be behind the kidnapping of the oil workers.

In all, 19 hostages had been kidnapped on November 7 from the rig off Nigeria’s coast. The kidnappers were armed assailants from the Nigerian militant group, Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta.

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