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Oil Spoils Shrimp

The Bon Secour shrimp boat Our Mother was trawling in newly re-opened waters north of the Deepwater Horizon Macondo well site when it hauled in tar balls with its shrimp.

There were enough tar balls along with the shrimp that spoiled thousands of dollars worth of the day’s catch. The ruined shrimp was held at the dock while different agencies collected their samples.

Something’s got to be done. They cut me out of my living. BP’s got to compensate for that,” Johnny Nelson, the boat’s captain, said.

Due to this boat’s disturbing catch, NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) will perform trawls in the same area, and probably sample the shrimp for seafood safety. Based on their findings, the NOAA may consider re-closing the area. In the meantime, piles of shrimp sit spoiled on a nearby dock.

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