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Oil Rig Survivor Blames BP and Haliburton

Oil rig survivor and Transocean employee, Buddy Trahan, a supervisor on the Deepwater Horizon when it exploded and caught fire on April 20, 2010, was severely injured in the disaster and blames BP for the blowout of the well and tragedy that followed.

Trahan, with many years of experience blames BP and Haliburton, not the oil rig or its crew. Trahan is now suing both companies for negligence and “willful and outrageous conduct.”

Trahan was lucky to survive the disaster. In the explosion he was hurled 30 feet through a wall, immediately burning the clothes off his back. Another worker pulled him from the rubble. Trahan suffered 12 broken bones and about 4 months after the disaster he was just beginning to walk again with the help of a walker.

Transocean, whom he did not sue, was paying his salary and his medical expenses. At the time of the interview around August 24, 2010, his salary and medical expenses amounted to more than $1.5 million.

Trahan’s reason for blaming BP was a flawed well design. He said they used foam cement in a high-pressure well instead of using a “safer, casing-type (of cement) or more centralizers and also failing to properly test the wall’s integrity.”

Trahan said that he has worked 23 years in this business on jobs for BP, Chevron and Shell Oil and has never seen such a combination of bad decisions.

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