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Oil Rig Evacuated

Crew were evacuated from the oil-rig Ocean Guardian off the Falkland Islands after the rig suffered a power failure. The rig is owned by Diamond Offshore Drilling UK.

The power failure occurred while the rig was being moved to a new location.  The crew members had finished the successful abandonment of the well in the Falklands Basin when there was a loss of power and the rig had to be evacuated by helicopter to shore.

The ballast tanks began filling up with water and the rig began to list by at least 6°.  Power supply has now been restored, and the rig is scheduled to be remanned and normal operations underway within one week.

The rig has been contracted to RockHopper Exploration. The company has stated that it is in close contact with the Falkland Islands government in order to eliminate the possibility of an environmental spill. The company has confirmed that there have been no injuries to any of the crew members of the rig.

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