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New Safety Procedures for Cruise Ships

The Cruise Lines International Association has announced that new standards will be mandated on cruise ships to avoid future disasters like the Costa Concordia cruise ship accident. New rules will require that cruise ships are equipped with additional life vests for adults and also ensure that there are more life jackets onboard then there are actual passengers. These jackets must also be readily available in public locations as opposed to located in individual cabins.

Passage planning procedures were also the subject of revision, and ships will be required to submit a detailed report of the ship’s journey from departure to arrival. The voyage must be approved by the master and explained to the bridge team members by a designated officer.

The Cruise Lines International Association represents 26 companies and is a nonprofit organization dedicated to continuously serving passengers by bettering the cruise industry. The new cruise line rules aim to achieve safety for all passengers and crew in the fastest amount of time possible.

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