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Near Shore rescue

A Coast Guardsman from Station Yaquina Bay assisted mariners near the South Beach boat ramp in Newport, Ore., Saturday, when one person fell in the water.

After bringing the subject and the vessel safely to the pier, the Coast Guard crew assessed his condition and left him in the care of family members.

Coast Guard Sector North Bend watchstanders were notified by one of the Station Yaquina Bay crewmembers at approximately 3 p.m., that a pleasure craft was 20 feet from the pier with three people aboard and one clinging to the side of the boat.

The Coast Guard crew was conducting dockside boardings when they heard cries for help from the person in the water.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Elijah Webb, a boatswain’s mate who has been stationed at Yaquina Bay for less than a month, entered the water and helped bring the vessel safely back to the pier.
Once at the pier, the station crewmembers and two good Samaritans helped pull the person out of the water.

“I made a split-second decision to fix the problem and prevent the situation from becoming worse,” said Webb. “The boat was listing and taking on water as the people aboard tried to get him back in the boat. It could have resulted in having to rescue four people instead of just one.”

No injuries were reported at the time of the incident.

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