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M/V BADEN Sinks on Launch

During her maiden launch, 85-foot, $10 million M/V BADEN capsized onto her port side and sank. Shallow water prevented a full submersion.

After two years of construction, she was rolled out to the Fidalgo Bay Marina in Anacortes, Washington, christened, and as the launch ramp backed her into the bay, she slowly tipped onto her side in a few feet of water.

Six workers were on board at the time, some of whom had gone down below to adjust the ballast at the first signs of instability. These efforts failed as she took on water. Five on board were rescued fairly quickly. One man was trapped below decks until a fire ax was used to break a port hole and he was pulled out. No one was seriously injured, but the trapped man suffered scrapes and bruises from his ordeal.

BÄDEN has since been raised in a sling, and water pumps and salvage contractors are on hand. There are no reports of pollution.

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