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Miss Destinee capsized. Tug St. Michael assists search

Pararescuemen, from the CGC Sherman, are attempting to access the capsized Miss Destinee to search for the missing people while other responders continue to search surrounding waters.

The crew of tug St. Michael, Coast Guard, and Alaska Air National Guard continue to search Friday for one male and one female missing from the fishing vessel Miss Destinee that capsized in Marmot Bay.

Coast Guard Dolphin and Jayhawk helicopter crews, a Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team Kodiak boat crew, the crews of the Coast Guard Cutters Sherman and Chandeleur, nine para-rescuemen from the AK ANG 212th Rescue Squadron and the crew of tug St. Michael searched throughout Thursday night near the location of the Miss Destinee, 23 miles north of Air Station Kodiak.

Weather on scene is reported as light winds and 2-foot seas with 3 miles visibility and fog.

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