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Medical Med-Evac from F/V Seabrooke in Cold Bay

A 31-year-old male experiencing chest pains and numbness in his left arm was med-evaded from a fishing vessel Seabrooke 57 miles west-northwest of Cold Bay Sunday morning. The duty flight surgeon recommended a medevac to a higher level of medical care within two to four hours and have the patient administered aspirin and nitroglycerin.

“The forward operating location in Cold Bay was only 50 miles from the distress location, instead of 370 miles if you flew from Kodiak,” said Lt. Sean Glavan, duty officer, Air Station Kodiak. “We were able to get an aircrew on scene within 30 minutes of takeoff to get the crewman immediate medical attention.”

Weather at the time of the medevac was driving rain with 55-knot winds and 10 to 15-foot seas.

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