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Mariner rescued from water

Coast Guard Auxiliarists assisted local responders, Saturday, after a mariner was pulled from the water, reportedly suffering from cardiac arrest.

The Auxiliary crew performed CPR on the 54-year-old mariner until a local fire and rescue crew relieved them and transferred him to emergency medical services waiting at the 42nd Street boat ramp.

Coast Guard Sector Columbia River watchstanders were notified by the Multnomah County Dispatch of the event at approximately 4 p.m., after the Auxiliary crew had finished assisting the mariner.

“The Coast Guard Auxiliary plays a huge part in the success of the Coast Guard’s mission of protecting mariners on the water,” said Greg Merten, a search and rescue coordinator at Coast Guard Sector Columbia River. “By taking immediate action and performing CPR, the crew greatly increased the mariner’s chances of survival so he could be transferred to EMS.”

The weather during the response was reported to be clear and favorable with light winds.

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