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Man Overboard – Found

On June 23, around 8:30 a.m., a crewmember aboard 732-foot Singapore-flagged container ship MAERSK BINTAN sent out a call that a crewmate was missing and thought to have gone overboard. According to reports, MAERSK BINTAN was about 750 miles southeast of Bermuda at the time.

The Coast Guard used their Search and Rescue Optimal Planning System (SAROPS). This system receives real-time environmental information from an Environmental Data Server, as well as manually-entered wind and current information to track survivors and vessels through projected drift direction and speed. The Coast Guard also sent out an AMVER call for nearby vessels to assist in the search.

The man was found later that afternoon by the MAERSK BINTAN crew; he was treading water within the 750 square nautical mile search zone designated by SAROPS. Apparently, he had been in the water for ten hours up to that point. Because of the offshore distance and the amount of time between falling overboard and being noticed as missing, and the number of hours in the water.

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