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Lawsuit for Injuries during BP Oil Spill Cleanup

Two seamen involved in the oil spill cleanup efforts, sued their employer for $3.4 million, after injuries they sustained during an accident involving their vessel and a barge.

According to the two men, the incident occurred on August 7 when they were passengers on a vessel that was being used to transport oil spill cleanup workers. The vessel suddenly accelerated, and crashed into an adjacent barge. According to the plaintiffs, they sustained back injuries and shoulder injuries in the accident.

They have filed a lawsuit against Grande Isle Shipyard Inc. and Plaisance Dragline and Dredging Co. seeking more than $3.4 million in damages for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, mental and emotional anguish, loss of future earning capacity, and maintenance and cure. The two companies are accused of failure to provide a seaworthy ship and failure to provide a safe workplace.

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