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Just In: F/V Destination lost – Search for survivors continues

An EPIRB has been recovered among a debris field containing buoys, a life ring from fishing vessel Destination and an oil sheen.

EPRIB from the fishing vessel Destination was detected signaling approximately two miles northwest of St. George, Alaska, Saturday. A Coast Guard Air Hercules airplane crew and two MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crews are responding to the electronic position indicating radio beacon alert

The alert was received this morning and the aircraft crews were launched. The HC-130 Hercules crew arrived on scene to commence search patterns at approximately 10:13 a.m. Two MH-60 Jayhawk crews arrived early Saturday afternoon to assist with the search.

Two good Samaritan vessels, fishing vessels Silver Spray and Bering Rose, are assisting with the search. Citizens in St. George have assembled a search party to patrol the shoreline for any signs of the crew or vessel.

The Coast Guard and good Samaritan vessels and hoping for the best. That may be as good as it gets

Weather on scene is reported as 30-mph winds, five to eight-foot seas and snowing. Air temperature is 20 degrees and sea temperature is 38 degrees.

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