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Judge Orders Test on Halliburton Cement

Investigators have linked a cement job performed by Halliburton Co. to the blowout of the BP well in the Gulf Of Mexico. A federal judge has ordered tests to be performed on the cement that Halliburton provided to seal the well.

Judge Carl Barbier is calling for tests to be performed as quickly as possible so the cement wont deteriorated. The call for the cement test came after federal investigators probing the causes of the Deepwater Horizon explosion, subpoenaed cement components.

Judge Barbier has called for tests on the same batch of cement that was used to seal the well in the hours before the explosion. Government investigators will likely retrieve that particular batch of cement components next week, and will begin the tests.

Halliburton Co. had been in charge of sealing the well with cement. The failure of the cement mix used by Halliburton to prevent oil and gas from entering into the well, and consequently, causing an explosion, has been probed by investigators. BP has also blamed the cement job as being one of the causes for the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

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