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Injury in Barge Accident

According to the lawsuit, a seaman on the MV Marie M. Morgan, in January this year was injured when the barge was involved in a collision with another barge. The impact caused a refrigerator to fall against the seaman. The seaman sustained serious injuries, including a knee injury after he was trapped against the cabinet countertop and the refrigerator.

The Seaman has now filed a lawsuit against his employer Bayou Tugs Inc. According to him, the barge accident was caused because one of his coworkers who was directing the other barge was working under the influence of an illegal drug. The lawsuit accuses Bayou Tugs Inc., of failure to maintain a safe workplace, failure to train and supervise employees, failure to warn employees about an impending accident, failure to have a maintenance policy, failure to secure the refrigerator, and failure to conduct drug tests on all employees. The lawsuit seeks damages for the plaintiff’s medical costs, pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical debilitation, disfigurement and impairment, lost earnings, maintenance and cure.

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