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F/V Temptation rammed in fishing incident

Alaska State Troopers are investigating the ramming of the commercial salmon seiner F/V Temptation. The incident occurred in Hidden Bay in western Prince William Sound the morning of Aug. 15 during the pink salmon fishery.

State Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said three vessels were involved in the incident: the Temptation, Chugach Pearl and Silver Streak. They are investigating which boat did what.

A 23-year-old crewman aboard the Temptation was injured, Peters said.

Alaska commercial fishing can get intense but this case might have an element of deliberate premeditated potentially dangerous misconduct.

It is possible that a group of cooperating boats had formed a blockade to prevent competing vessels from accessing the pink salmon. When the Temptation, not part of the group, tried to run through, a blockading boat rammed the Temptation midships on the port side. What is clear is that the Temptation has significant damage above the water line midships on the port side which visually would seem to be made by the bow of a boat running perpendicular to her course. She looks to have been t-boned.

Alaska State Troopers continue their investigation.

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