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78-foot, Unalaska-based F/V LONE STAR, was anchored near the mouth of Igushik River, when she swung against her anchor chair, detaching the transducer and coolant lines and leaving a hole in her hull. The LONE STAR capsized and submerged in 18 feet of water, the crew of nearby Good Samaritan vessel F/V TRADITION answered the call for help and rescued the four LONE STAR crewmen.
Pollution became visible. LONE STAR is said to have had 35,000 pounds of fish, 14,000 gallons of diesel, 150 gallons of lube oil, 150 of hydraulic fluid, and 250 gallons of gasoline on board when she sank.
Due to weather and equipment delays, LONE STAR has continued to pose an environmental and navigational hazard. As of July 5, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game closed a six statute mile area around the vessel. Pollution mitigation and salvage companies will begin in operations as soon as conditions allow.

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