Morning of March 2, the crew of F/V CYCLONE sent out a call for help from about twenty miles southeast of Kodiak, Alaska, reporting that CYCLONE was sinking. The Coast Guard relayed an urgent marine broadcast notice for other vessels in the area to assist. Weather conditions at that time included winds of 40mph with 20-foot seas.

Within minutes, the crew of Good Samaritan GLACIER responded was able to rescue all three CYCLONE crewmembers from the water in good condition. According to the Coast Guard, the CYCLONE crew was prepared with readily accessible survival suits, EPIRB, and a hand-held radio. (Coast Guard regulation requires fishing vessels to carry such safety equipment.) The success of this rescue was the result of the CYCLONE crew’s emergency preparedness, the timely communication between the Coast Guard and the crews of CYCLONE and GLACIER, and the quick response of the GLACIER crew.

The cause of the sinking is has not yet been determined.

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