The 75ft fishing vessel BLAZER sank eight miles west of Siletz Bay, Oregon the early morning of November 29, 2014.

Coast Guard North Bend, Oregon received a MAYDAY call at 4:17 a.m. that the BLAZER was taking on water, and the crew were dumping crab pots. Ten minutes later crew reported they were donning survival suits and deploying the life raft.

Three survivors were rescued from the life raft and treated for minor injuries by the Newport Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter crew. The other two survivors were transferred from the life raft to a Coast Guard Depoe Bay 47-foot Motor Life Boat (MLB).

The BLAZER sank in 420 feet of water with reportedly 2,000 gallons of diesel aboard. With no reports of pollution, North Bend pollution responders are monitoring the situation and will respond if needed.

Weather on scene was reportedly winds at 30 to 35 mph with seas of 15 feet and rain. The cause of the loss is under investigation.

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