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F/V Arica Avoids Sinking

F/V ARICA, a 200-foot fishing vessel moored in Lake Union in Seattle, began to take on water. ARNICA had been in drydock and was recently returned to the water. The crew had set up pumps to expel water from an apparent hull leak. The power source to the pumps failed; the water level is reported to have become about a foot deep inside the engine room by the time Seattle firefighters arrived with equipment to resume pumping.

Power was restored morning and there were no injuries and no fuel leaks or spills into Lake Union noted, but as a precaution, a boom has been placed around ARICA, and the pumped-out water is undergoing sewage treatment to remove any oil traces. The leak was thought to be caused by a problem with the sea chest, a grated recess in the hull of the ship used for intake and piping of raw water for secondary cooling of the main propulsion engine.

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