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Flames Engulf Two Boats

Two fifty-foot power boats, moored next to each other, burned at the Edmonds Marina early the morning of December 31, with flames reportedly fifty feet high at the time firefighters arrived. A janitor who was working nearby noticed the flames and made the call shortly before 4:00 a.m.

No serious injuries were reported, but a couple who were overnighting onboard their boat near the end of the same dock inhaled smoke and were unable to get safely off the dock until Snohomish County firefighters brought them ashore via rescue boat. Both people were treated for minor smoke inhalation and were released from Swedish Edmonds Hospital a few hours later.

The Port of Edmonds quickly placed floating booms to contain fuel, debris, and firefighting chemicals. Most of the fuel is thought to have burned, but an estimated twenty gallons of diesel leaked into the water. The Department of Ecology is assessing the environmental impact and is working to control damage from the fuel and debris.

Firefighters have determined that the fire originated on the boat which sank. That boat was raised Saturday evening, and the investigation continues to date.

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