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Fishing Vessel Towed Off Rocks

The Coast Guard towed the 40-foot fishing vessel JAYDEN RAY and its crew to safety after she ran aground at LaPush, about 3 miles north of the mouth of the Quillayute River, on the Olympic Peninsula.

The Coast Guard received a mayday call from the four-member crew of the JAYDEN RAY at 2:20 am, after the vessel was driven onto rocks.

A helicopter from Air Station Port Angeles and a motor lifeboat from Station Quillayute River at LaPush were dispatched. The motor lifeboat was able to navigate through the rocks and throw attach a towline at approximately 3:30 am, receiving illumination from a spotlight aboard the helicopter.

The motor lifeboat crew took the fishing vessel and its crew members in tow back to LaPush where a post search-and-rescue boarding was conducted. According to a Coast Guard spokesman, the cause of the grounding is under investigation.

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