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Fishing Vessel Sinks

48-foot Honolulu-based F/V ROBIN 2008 capsized and sank about fifteen miles south of Oahu, Hawaii, on May 27. The fisherman who was aboard was safely rescued, thanks to his emergency preparedness and thanks to the Coast Guard team who answered his call for help. The fisherman used the proper VHF Channel 16 for his mayday, and he activated his EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), which enabled the Coast Guard locate, rescue, and transfer him to the EMS in Honolulu. His name and his condition have not been released. No pollution has been reported.

The ROBIN 2008 mayday was the first time the Coast Guard in Hawaii has used their newly installed Rescue 21 system which enables the Coast Guard to triangulate the position of any VHF message broadcast from the Hawaiian Islands area. It is a fully integrated system, using global positioning and the most current communication technology developed in order to increase areas of coverage, communicate more clearly, locate those in distress more quickly, and replace any outdated Coast Guard systems.

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