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Fishing Vessel Capsizes, One Survivor

According to reports, 44-foot F/V MANDY NESS capsized late Tuesday night, about ten miles off Barnegat Light, New Jersey. The shipboard EPIRB was activated when it hit water and alerted the Coast Guard, which deployed a helicopter, a 47-foot rescue boat, and broadcast the emergency to vessels in the area.

Nearby F/V FRANCES ANN responded to the broadcast and was able to bring one of the two crewmembers aboard alive. That person is doing well. However, the other crewmember was trapped under the capsized hull of MANDY NESS. A Coast Guard rescue swimmer pulled that person out, but that person remained unresponsive to CPR and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Conditions were not considered rough for January, around 15 knots with three-foot seas, the reason for the capsize is not yet known.

Update 1/23/12 The Coast Guard is investigating whether another commercial vessel was in the area at the time MANDY NESS capsized. The vessel has not been publicly named, but the crew is cooperating with inspection and queries as authorities try to determine what led up to the tragedy. Capsized MANDY NESS was marked by a buoy, but currently the vessel cannot be located and is thought to have sunk.

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