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Fishing Vessel-Bulk Carrier Accident

The crew members of a fishing vessel southeast of Hull, Massachusetts, escaped serious injuries after their vessel was involved in a collision with a bulk carrier. The 600- foot bulk carrier collided with the 51- foot fishing boat, about 20 miles southeast of Hull last week.

The bulk carrier, West Bay suffered no damage to the hull, but the fishing vessel, the Michael Brandon suffered extensive damage to its bow. The fishing vessel quickly began taking on water. Crewmembers of the West Bay were able to transmit a distress signal to the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard emergency rescue teams responded, including a rescue helicopter crew, and the motor lifeboat crew. The helicopter crew lowered a pump to the fishing vessel, to begin pumping out water. Efforts to remove the water proved unsuccessful, and the vessel had to be towed. The three men on the fishing vessel were reported safe. The Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the accident.

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