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Fishing Incident Death

One son died, his brother missing in a boating incident. The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the death of the 63-year-old man in a boat accident in Lake Borgne near the Mississippi River.

The two brothers were apparently fishing at about 3:30 PM on Saturday when they were thrown from their 18-foot boat.  According to the Sheriff’s Office, there appears to have been a mechanical malfunction of the boat which was not involved in a collision. Relatives on another fishing vessel nearby heard a loud noise and saw the boat spinning out of control throwing the two brothers into the water. The victim had suffered serious injuries, likely caused by the propeller. He was unresponsive to CPR, and was declared dead at the scene.

The victim’s younger brother continues to remain missing, the search continues.  According to the family of the two brothers, both were experienced recreational fishers. Neither man was wearing a flotation device at the time.

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department, the Coast Guard, and the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office Marine Division are investigating the incident.

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