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Fishermen Rescued by Good Samaritan

Two fishermen aboard 81-foot F/V PLAN B sent a call to the Coast Guard Sector Northern New England, reporting that they were taking on water about eight miles off Kennebunkport, Maine, and that their pumps were not working fast enough to keep them from flooding, in weather noted to be two-foot seas with winds up to 15 knots. The two men were rescued and taken aboard in good shape by Good Samaritan F/V CAMERAN LEE, after CAMERAN LEE responded the Coast Guard’s urgent marine information broadcast.

The Coast Guard deployed a helicopter, two rescue boats, and a cutter, and currently the Coast Guard cutter is still at the scene.

PLAN B was determined by the Coast Guard to be unsafe to board and pump; she continued to take on water and sunk a few hours after her crew was rescued, leaving an oil sheen reported by Coast Guard Station South Portland to be 200 by 200 square feet. The Coast Guard picked up the large debris left by PLAN B and will monitor the pollution caused by the sinking.

The fishermen were prepared with survival suits and working communication equipment. Timely communication and quick action by all crews involved prevented serious injury or death.

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